Pleasure Pools

My name is Jeff Dube, the owner and chief operator of Pleasure Pools. Located in San Jose Ca.
Pleasure Pools is a professional installer of in ground vinyl liners and above ground vinyl liners. Pleasure Pools has 34 years experience installing vinyl liners on all kit type pools such as Fort Wayne Pools, Pacific Pools, the Ad-Vantage partial above ground pools, Doughboy type pools, Foxx Pools, Heldor Pools, all steel walled pools, structural polymer pools, concrete block pools, and the California wood wall pool design such as Polly Pools and the Pioneer Pool.


Vinyl liner replacement is a specialty trade and your new custom vinyl liner should be installed by the seasoned professionals at Pleasure Pools.


Pleasure Pools offers electronic leak detection to locate and patch various leaks you may get due to defective cleaning equipment or falling tree debris.

Step Construction:

To go with your new vinyl liner replacement you may want to include a set of corner steps. Step designs come in diagonal or radius, depending on your pool shape.  Pleasure Pools repairs and replaces swimming pool equipment of all types.